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Igknovation Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is research and development company. Equipped with a team of dedicated and professionals, we work in wide range of disciplines concerned with developmental activities. We work for inventions and innovations combining technology and better understanding of emerging business trends delivering a range of solutions including study, research, hardware and software development, automation, designing, prototyping, production and many more that suits and meet the demand of consumers and clients.

We provide clients with consulations services in embedded harware and software development, automation and wide range of engineering disciplinary, management of data and information, help organizations with integration of hardware, software and networking and also develop tailored electronics, hardware, software and customizing existing hardware and software to meet their needs. We also conduct training, guidance and maintenance services, local support for international companies' products and consulting works to the clients from various sectors. 

We are working to provide best services and develop the best solution and make it accessible to each and every individual consumers. We do not have any specific criteria for the clients because every individual from a small kid to business persion, from cottage to large scale industry from local to multinational company are our clients. We want to ue local manpower and knowledge to accomplish the vision being the leading company in the country providing innovative, reliable and professional services that match standards supporting the country for its development and upliftment. We are trying bests to deliver high quality products and solutions with unlimited features and options. The organization feels its obligation to provide a complete solutions of problems in engineering aspects.

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Shantinagar Marga, Balaju
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +977 9851201985


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