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Igknovation Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-growing research and development company established on the 5th day of November, 2017 primarily concerned with invention and innovation combining technology and understanding of emerging business trends. We deliver a range of development solution for our clients related to study, research, software development, hardware development, variety of automation technology, prototyping, production and distribution. We help our clients in harnessing the technology which will not only enhance the productivity and quality but also that suits and solve the common problem and are affordable. The organization feels its obligation to provide a complete solution of the problems in engineering aspects. 

Our professionals work broadly with emerging technologies for improving our processes for meeting client requirements, increasing productivity and delivering quality. The advantage of lower cost, experience manpower, trust and affordability are passed on to the clients. We work with our clients as partners for building success solution for them.

Our Mission

Skillfully applying the most sought-after, fast-growing pertinent technology to yield total solutions in the most critical business areas.

Our Tagline

“Ignition of Knowledge for Invention and Innovation”

Our Vision

Igknovation Technolab Pvt. Ltd. visions to be the leading company in the country in providing innovative, reliable and professional services. We consistently deliver ingenious, comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective technological solutions through new inventions and innovations affordable and competent enough for global market creating a family bonding environment which supports personal growth as well as professional growth. We believe every knowledge is applicable to create new and improvised inventions and innovation that will increase quality and productivity in every possible sector where technology can be implemented and every layman to professional can operate it as per the requirement and desirability. We continuously work to give and achieve the best result and deliver it whatever be the scenario.

We Are Ready To Start Your Project

Shantinagar Marga, Balaju
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +977 9851201985


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